Born in 1956 (yeah that's right..I can recollect a memory or two for you), raised in western Pennsylvania, (Sewickley, Baden, Midland, all in Steeler Country) near Pittsburgh, now residing in Baltimore, Md., where I've lived since the mid 1970's. I started fiddling around on the Internet in late 2000 shortly after I bought my first computer. Back then I was just trying to learn basic web design and layout at several free sites such as BlackPlanet, Yahoo, Geocities, and Bravenet. After a few years of getting decoded at BlackPlanet where I fumbled around with pretty basic web design skillz, I decided to purchase my own domain name and strike out on my own, thus on Sept. 2, 2001, "" was born! I'm loving it! This place has become my artistic playground where I can share some of my Flow, where I come to wind down at the end of my workday or sometimes to just wind up, depending on the mood and/or the atmosphere...yeah, this place is my domain, my personal spot, MY Flow. Now it is all about networking and sharing my art flow with people who share the same outlook on life that I do such as honesty, integrity, no silly game playing, and who also have a strong sense of moral values.

I'm an unwavering and steadfast Believer in Christ as the Key to Eternal Life, don't even try to convince me otherwise, born in the year 1956 under Taurus, (May 12th thank you), this brotha is still very much alive, at times amazingly articulate and fully capable of holding and temporarily maintaining an actual intelligent conversation (LOL), I can be somewhat opinionated at times, a bit stubborn, very loyal, quite silly, sometimes much too silly, in fact most who "know" me will agree to a T that I've lost my frickin mind...yet I'm very much a thinker, a processor of raw data and hard facts, quick to laugh and make people laugh. I am quite friendly, maybe too friendly at times, since that may be mistaken for weakness (go ahead...try me fool), yet I strive to be non-judgemental, neither Democrat, Republican, Tea-Bagger, nor any other political groupie, in fact let us forget the labels, ok? Labels are for losers anyway. But some people act as if they can't relate with ya if they can't put you in some pre-defined box...If you must use one in order to pin a brotha down, then the one that would most probably describe me in a brief nutshell the way I see it would be Child of God/Artist/Father/Brother/Friend...ya heard?

I am a plain and simple Artist, one of millions, humble since birth, this is what God gave me to do. My chosen name to use with my work and on the internet is Artist Greggy or Greggy. Greggy was given to me by my younger sister when we were rugrats since she couldn't pronounce my real name, Gregory, back then. My friends call me Greggy or Greg or worse depending on their mood at the moment..LMAO. I do the usual oils, the watercolors, and a few illustrations. But the digital art..ahhhhh! In fact, 99.9% of the art on my site is digital art created using Corel Graphic Suite12, a CINTIQ 21UX interactive pen display from Wacom, and my imagination! I've found a certain comfort zone in doing digital art from scratch, or taking some of MY own traditional art and manipulating it with Corel. There are times I wish I could control the passion of doing art, that mental pull, but it is useless. Sometimes, I get "artists block" and can go days without a creative vibe anywhere in my body...and sometimes if "the Flow" hits, well then a brutha got to take care of bidness, knamean? When the Flow comes over me, I'm in my element. Thus I surrender to this vibe, this thing on my mind, this Universal Flow.

I am glad I had the opportunity to share my Joy with you and hope that you will return often to check my artistic flow. I'd appreciate it if you'd take a moment to leave a comment on my blog or on my shoutbox, let a brutha know you paused here, besides, I'd love to hear what you think of my flow!


Drop a few verbs on me and let me know what you think or visit again, ok? Stay Blessed, not Stressed!